P.O.Box 1748 • 44 Brennan St. Watsonville, CA 95077 • ☎ (831) 724-3900


The mission of the SC Veterans Alliance is to provide qualified California military veterans access to lab-tested medical cannabis. We are a small team of disabled veterans who garden as a form of post-combat service. We offer the flagship Veteran Compassion Program to provide every member of the collective with free medical cannabis on a regular basis because most members are low income, and many have service-related disabilities.

Broadly, the veteran health care system is in crisis. The effect on veterans has been an epidemic of pharmaceutical dependence and a lack of care. Our response as an organization is to provide cannabis, gardening therapy, and camaraderie. Our advocacy work includes raising awareness about PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and related veteran issues such as suicide and depression. Starting in June 2016, we have begun work with the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs to study the effects of cannabis use in treating veterans for PTSD and insomnia.

Earlier this month, we received a medical cannabis cultivation permit from the Watsonville City Council.